Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear or Fishing Tackle are the equipment used for fishing. Fishing gears include :

Hooks :

Fishing hooks are metallic hooks with a pointed end. This is a basic need for catching fish by drawing line. Hooks are designed such that when a fish swallows bait then hooks gets in fish's gullet.

Fishing Hook


Line :

Fishing Line is a cord made or used for fishing. Modern fishing lines are made from nylon or other such artificial substances for great strength. Most effective of the fishing lines is monofilament. It is buoyant and have a good stretching ability under load. Factors which decide a good fishing line are breaking strength, abrasion resistance , cast ability, visibility, stretch and limpness.

Fishing Line


Sinker is weight used for attaining depth for the bait and hook. It may also be used to sink the bait more rapidly or to cast the line to greater distance


Fishing Rod:

A fishing rod is an supplementary instrument employed with the sinker, line and hook. A length of fishing line is bonded to a in length, elastic pole or rod: one terminal ends with the hook for catching the fish.

Fishing rod


A fishing reel is a device employed for the deployment and recovery of a fishing line employing a reel affixed about an axle. Angling reels are traditionally employed in fishing. They're almost frequently employed in alignment on a fishing rod, although a few particularized reels are affixed along crossbows or to boat gunnels or transoms.


Bait and bait Indicators

Bait is something towards what fish is attracted towards. Usually people use natural bait which are worms ( which fishes like to eat). But now a days mostly artificial baits are used which visually attracts the fish and lure them to the hook.

Bait indicators are equipments which are used to for indicating whether the bait is taken or not. Usually visual floating type indicators are used but there are electronic buzzer type indicator also available in market.

Artificial baits