Fishing Games

  • Fly fishing is a wonderful outdoor activity enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, weather or other responsibilities can keep you from the sport you love. Fly fishing games may not provide the full experience of wading into the water, but it can tide you over until the next time you can get to the lake or river.
Pishtech's Real World Fly Fishing
  • Pishtech touts they provide "fishing games for people who really love fishing." From their site you can download Real World Fly Fishing or use their catalog to order the CD-ROM. This game allows you to fish at hundreds of different locations and the graphics are terrific. You can choose from an array of equipment and the fish and insect activity mimics real world behaviors.
FlySim Fly Fishing Game
  • This game employs the physics of casting to create realistic casts into several types of water to catch a variety of fish. The game is mostly focused on "practicing" different casts and techniques, but is still rewarding when you win the trophy for biggest fish. It even teaches you methods for casting and you can learn about the fish you're after.
Reel Fishing
  • This game is for the Nintendo Wii system. It isn't exclusively a fly-fishing game, but there is an option for fly-fishing as well as. Using the Wii controller provides practice for casting and the graphics make you feel as if you're outside at the water. You can choose from a variety of flies and rods, but you don't have an option of where to fish.