Fishing Locations in New Zealand

With its abundance of trout fishing and salmon fishing waters, New Zealand is a fishing paradise. From small crystal-clear spring-fed creeks holding wily fish to large wilderness waters where fishing is only part of the adventure, the variety of fishing in New Zealand is huge. But with the huge diversity of waters available that number in the thousands, finding the right river or lake can be a daunting task. A river may look a good prospect on a map but turn out to be a poor fishery in reality. Yet this same river may have fantastic tributaries and have great fishing in the middle or upper reaches. And a river that may fish well during the early season may not be a good fishery during the summer


Auckland in famous for tourist charters. Auckland fishing charters and fishing spots attract anglers of all levels of skill and experience. Join an Auckland fishing trip, (possibly river, lake or saltwater fishing), or explore great fishing spots yourself. Auckland has two huge banks for fishing and fish are abundant. This comes under The Central North Island of New Zealand.

The Eastern North Island

This vast fishing area has an copiousness of bodies of water to fish. From the many and various lakes of the Rotorua district through to the unbelievable rivers and lakes of the distant and mystic Te Urewera National Park, to the artificial hydro lakes by the upper Waikato River, these are anglers aspiration

The Lower North Island

It's numerous great rivers and tributaries extending several 100s of kms of finest fishing bodies of water. Rivers are by and large rainwater fed and develop in the hill area and frequently flow for across a hundred kilometers prior to entering the ocean. Most provide their best fishing midmost and upper reaches and in their many tributaries.

The Top of the South

With its rivers of transparent water system with big Salmo trutta populations, the top side of the South Island has become acknowledged as the bloom Salmo trutta fishery in the country . This, the Nelson Marlborough area bears 3 big national parks where due to their natural beauty, no development is admitted. Therefore they've become outstanding fisheries where big trout can be haunted in the brighten mountain currents. This fish is shy and so not easy to catch but there's nothing like running across a few large trout lightly feeding a clear bubbling stream to test the skills of the most effective of anglers.

The Bottom of the South

Arguably this is the most diverse fishery with small tannin stained streams flowing through native forest close to large clear rivers with freely rising fish to deep and forbidding glacial formed lakes. Some of the rivers are so powerful that they can only be fished during the driest times of the year when others have been reduced to a trickling flow.